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Ocean Festival "Tayo at ang Karagatan" at BGC on May 28, 2017

Lauren Lim
Ocean Festival "Tayo at ang Karagatan" at BGC on May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28 at Bonifacio Global City- The Ocean Festival, with the theme of “Tayo at ang Karagatan”, was a whole day event emphasising the connectivity of people and the ocean. The day was filled with talks on conservation and sustainability, exhibit, art and live music. The goal of the ocean festival was not only to celebrate our ocean, it was to raise awareness on the problems that the it is facing and what we all can do to help conserve it. We all have the power to create change and positive impact. The Ocean festival was organised by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources- Biodiversity Management Bureau and the Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in partnership with Bonifacio High Street and the PaNaGat Network.


Reef Check Philippines put up a booth and spoke to plenty of individuals regarding what we are and what we do. We were able to gather plenty of potential volunteers and Eco Divers. Reef Check Philippines representatives Lauren Lim and Justin Van Klaveren also participated in the forum entitled: "Be an Ocean Changemaker", where they were able to explain more about the organization and encourage people to volunteer. 

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